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Get power protection with an APC UPS

Are you casting around for multi-level immunity for your home or business during power cuts? Designed to provide continuous power when a blackout happens, APC UPSes allow your devices to keep going without disruption or costly repairs. With a UPS, your gadgets are secured against voltage spikes which can cause damage to both hardware and stored data.

When you buy an APC UPS, you’re buying peace of mind

During extended electricity cuts, a UPS kicks in as a standby or line-interactive backup power source. This prevents any disruption to your activities or data loss. The batteries used in APC units last long, while rack installation and maintenance are straightforward and don’t require any special tools. 

APC is prized for its UPS range. The brand never skimps on advanced features for redundant power and unparalleled continuity. You can get them all once you purchase an APC UPS online:

  • Quick battery charge safeguards every battery unit and keeps you powered in the most sensitive situations.
  • Battery saver extends battery lifespan, so you don’t have to invest in a replacement once a blackout event is over.
  • Audible alerts keep you in the loop when power conditions change or if battery issues occur, so you can react promptly.
  • AVR increases low and decreases high voltages, making them suitable for your equipment. 
  • Cold-start allows immediate use of battery power during outages without switch lagging.
  • Modular design is field-tested for improved rack compatibility and ease of battery installation.

Unpacking APC UPS costs and types

Would your electronics be good with a compact unit for home use? Or a more powerful one for a larger house or office? Estorewale is synonymous with the most comprehensive selection of genuine APC UPSes in India, meaning you can pick any UPS type for less money.

APC power supplies are known for unbroken performance under Indian electricity conditions, backed by a two-year onsite warranty. Get to know your home or office’s requirements and come pick:

  • Line-interactive UPSes
  • Double conversion units
  • Three-phase backup systems
  • Connectors, RBCs, and rack installation essentials

The type of unit you choose determines what you will need to pay for it. The prices for APC UPS models for PCs or printers are significantly lower than those for three-phase units for medium-sized businesses. But regardless of what catches your fancy, check out the system’s wattage rating to ensure it’s enough for all the devices or appliances you’re hooking up to.

Optimize your time with APC UPS online shopping

When placing your order with Estorewale, you can pick the payment option that works best for you, from cards and net banking to electronic wallets and Google Pay. We will ship your UPS within 1 business day and deliver within 7 days to any Indian territory. 

Interested in several power units for the uninterrupted operation of your company’s infrastructure? Inquire about our APC UPS price list for more discounts on multiple UPSes. We will help you save while immunizing your business or home from electricity disturbances.



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