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Frequently Asked Questions for the new SMX and SMT series of Smart-UPS products.

Frequently Asked Questions about the new Smart-UPS models:

The SMT and the SMX series of the Smart UPS is the new generation of Smart-UPS with many new features and the additional benefits.
This document outlines common questions about the new SMX and SMT series of the new Smart UPS models.

What are the new part numbers introduced?

There are two new Smart UPS models introduced

  • The standard model: SMT
  • The extended models: SMX

What are the benefits of the new model?

The key benefits of the newer model is:

  • Smart management and monitoring.
  • More efficient than the older models.
  • Increased control with ability to configure locally or via software and switched receptacle groups
  • More resilience with better diagnostic capabilities.

Will the existing Smart UPS be upgraded to new design?

All the fourth generation models will be eventually upgraded with the newer generation models in coming months.

Does the ‘green’ mode increase the efficiency of the UPS?

The green mode bypasses the components that are used to perform Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). In the line interactive UPS the AVR is handled by Solid State Transformers.

How much energy is saved with the ‘green’ mode?

In the Line Interactive models, the increase in efficiency can range from 1-4%. For the 1500VA UPS, this may save 25-30$(₹2000) per year in utility cost.

Is it possible to use older version of PowerChute Business Edition software with newer models?

The new Smart UPS models use PowerChute Business Edition 8.5 or later. To use earlier versions, AP9620 SmartSlot can be used.

Is the battery management improved in the new Smart UPS models?

Yes, the new Smart UPS models has improved battery management. The charging circuit has temperature controlled charging capability to ensure proper amount of charge is applied to battery at all times. The ‘green’ mode helps in cooling the UPS and results in less degradation of battery.

What SmartSlot card are compatible with new models?

Only the AP9630, AP9631and the new UPSLINK translator card AP6920 are compatible with the new Smart UPS models.

Reference: APC Official Website