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Differences between ink cartridge printer and ink tank printer

You have probably heard about ink tank printers and inkjet printers and thought they’re the same product with different names. They actually have distinct differences between the two varieties. When it comes to inkjet printers, there are two types to choose from. You can choose a printer with an ink cartridge, or printer with an ink tank. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the differences with the two different inkjet printers. Estorewale offers a range of high-quality printers & scanners for eager customers. We are happy to clarify the distinct differences between ink cartridge & ink tank printers available on our online store.

Features of ink tank printer

According to experts, ink tank printers with refillable ink tanks can last up to two years in the average household without having to refill the ink. This is probably the greatest trait of the ink tank printer device. 

Canon Ink Tank All in-one Printer | PIXMA G3010 | WIFI
Canon Ink Tank All in-one Printer | PIXMA G3010 | WIFI

Unlike ink cartridge printers, ink tank printers do not contain inbuild print head. Ink tanks are equipped with individual colour tanks made up of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink tanks that is refilled using ink bottles. Owing to its increased tank size, ink tanks can last for extended periods of time depending on how much printing is required. They are easy to refill and considerably more expensive than ink cartridge printers. However, over an extended period of time, consumers save more money on ink tank printers owing to the availability of cheaper refill bottles and lower printing costs. The high-quality printing is a winning element of the Canon ink tank printer.

The large tanks provide low-cost printing with cutting-edge precision.

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Features of ink cartridge printer

Average inkjet printers come with an inbuilt print head called cartridges. The ink cartridge printer is significantly cheaper than a high-end ink tank printer. Ink cartridges consist of small boxes that contain ink used for printing images or documents. Most ink cartridge printers come with a black cartridge and another colour cartridge that is a combination of 3 primary colours. The ink cartridge print head uses the combination of various colours to print out your desired documents. 

Compared to ink tank printers, regular inkjet ink cartridge printers require to be refilled more frequently owing to the cartridge size. When the ink cartridges run out, you can typically refill them at a cheaper price than replacing each cartridge. Both Canon ink tank and Canon inkjet cartridge printers provide excellent quality printing.

Even when it comes to cost-savings on inkjet printer ink, customers only witness significant differences between ink tank and ink cartridge printers after extended use. Since ink cartridge printers are much cheaper than ink tank printers, they are preferred for small-scale use at homes, small offices and places that require less paperwork.

Canon All in-one Printer | imageCLASS MF246dn | Network | Duplex
Canon All in-one Printer | imageCLASS MF246dn | Network | Duplex

Acquire the correct printer for your requirements

When you’re picking the right inkjet module for your requirements, consider print quality, print cost and print efficiency. At estorewale, we take pride in introducing a range of inkejet printers, laser printers, dot matrix printers, label printers, scanners, Canon multi-functional printing equipment and many more electric devices for maximum utility. 

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