Desktop RAM

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Transcend 2GB DDR3 1333/PC3-10600 (JM1333KLN-2GB) PC RAM

OverviewTranscend 2GB DDR3 Ram memory modules using the highest grade DRAM chips.Every memory modu..

Rs.1,847.88 Ex Tax: Rs.1,566.00

Transcend 2GB DDR3 PC RAM (JM1600KLN-2GB)

OverviewTranscend 2GB DDR3 1600 memory using the highest grade DRAM PC3-12800 chips.Every memory m..

Rs.1,847.88 Ex Tax: Rs.1,566.00

Transcend 8GB DDR3 1600U (JM1600KLH-8G) PC Ram

Overview Designed for desktop Ram computer use, our Jet Ram memory modules are manufactured with tru..

Rs.4,789.62 Ex Tax: Rs.4,059.00

Transcend 8GB DDR3 PC RAM (TS1GLK64V3H)

Transcend 8GB DDR3 1333/PC3 offer a range of memory modules that are designed for desktop computers ..

Rs.5,051.58 Ex Tax: Rs.4,281.00

Desktop RAM


Irregular Access Memory, all the more usually alluded to as RAM, is the working or unpredictable PC memory in your desktop, portable PC, and other figuring gadgets including cell phones. Slam is a standout amongst the most fundamental segments to keep your PC running. Close by the processor, the part of RAM is in completing complex figuring errands effectively. The speed at which your PC performs, depends vigorously on the extent of your PC memory. Measured in megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB), the bigger the span of the memory, the better the execution yield of the PC. Bigger RAM estimate guarantees smoother and speedier registering and successful multitasking. With the presentation of higher-quality media, dynamic web compositions and above all top of the line diversions, having a bigger store of RAM turns into all the more fundamental. 

Why Upgrade? 

PC innovations have developed overwhelmingly throughout the most recent decade. To stay aware of the propelled abilities of the processors and motherboards, the advancement in RAM innovation got to be distinctly vital for ideal preparing and post-handling too. The most modern individualized computing processors and motherboards today are supplemented with similarly progressed DDR arrangement of SDRAMs. DDR2 and DDR3 RAM gadgets are the most regularly utilized RAMs today and are perfect with countless. 

The Best Deals on 

Searching for RAM on the web? Look no further as's immense accumulation offers the most recent RAMs for a wide range of figuring needs. Highlighting RAM from the most trusted brands of the world, is precisely where you need to be. Highlighting low CAS inactivity, these memory gadgets are accessible for Apple's Macintosh and Windows based portable PCs and desktop PCs. The memory limit of up to 16 GB helps the registering velocity and takes your excitement experience to a radical new level. Appreciate consistent media playback, continuous gaming, and speedier web perusing with top of the line DDR arrangement RAMs. However, that is not all! Do your office assignments easily with higher-limit RAM also. Making presentations, dealing with complex spreadsheets, and overseeing databases turns into a breeze. These RAMs chips are likewise most appropriate for cutting edge processing occupations including video-altering, imaging, and liveliness. For no-nonsense gamers, all of you know how vital RAM is with regards to running the most recent cutting edge diversions, isn't that right? All in all, what are you sitting tight for? Purchase RAM just on and take your PC to the following level!