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Access to energy for everyone, Schneider Electric India

A brief overview

Schneider Electric has been a pioneering force in creating energy products to enable a safe, reliable and sustainable consumer experience. With cutting-edge technology and revolutionary design, the Schneider Electric range of products vary from voltage stabilizers, sockets, batteries and UPS among many other useful appliances. Through it all, the motto of Schneider electric was always to enable access to energy for everyone.

As estorewale is an official Schneider Electric India retailer and service centre of certified Schneider Electric products in India, as well as many other accessories and devices, we thought to delve further into what makes Schneider Electric the best.

Schneider Electric is a multinational company based in Europe, providing energy management and digital automation solutions for efficiency, sustainability and safety. With the growing demands for energy and resources, Schneider electric India alone has managed to raise various campaigns for sustainable energy management. Through impact investing, the Schneider corporation is determined to make a difference in energy consumption globally, inculcating efficient modes of energy management.

We take immense pride in the massive strides we’ve made to make access to energy for everyone. By empowering the end-consumer with quality products and energy solutions, we are one step closer to creating positive social and environmental impacts globally.

Schneider Electric Energy Access program

The Access to energy program has revolutionized energy consumption and management through various avenues that promote awareness and provide reliable energy solutions to people across the world. Surrounding activities that work towards reforestation and sustainable energy demands, Schneider Electric India has spearheaded numerous strategies, meetings, engagements and solutions for a better world. 

As an energy management company, our prime goal is to influence the world with sustainable alternatives to existing infrastructure. High-quality products, decisive engineering and mastered experience are the forte we bring.

Schneider Electric Energy Access (SEEA) is our social investment fund whose focus is access to energy for disadvantaged populations. Our SEEA partners help us support business and job creations as well as social, cultural and environmental activities.

Investment impact India

Our partners in the investment impact solutions for disadvantaged populations in India are reputed organizations like AIDE, Caisse Solidaire, SIDI and many other firms collaborating on various projects to propel a sustainable vision for the future of energy consumption and management. In our journey, we have identified various underlying problems to existing infrastructure and energy patterns, to produce revolutionary solutions that continue to impact the lives of millions of people worldwide.

It is our duty to make energy more accessible and investments more feasible towards sustainable development goals. 

Energy Access Ventures fund (EAV)

Initiated by Schneider Electric which invests €60 million towards transforming communities across Africa with economic development stimulated by energy access solutions. Backed by various European investors, banks, international development organizations, Schneider Electric has broken ground in making sustainable energy consumption a driving force in economic development and improved way of living.

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Schneider Electric Energy Access fund (SEEA)

Through the Access to energy program, the SEEA was initiated by Schneider Electric to provide sustainable access to energy for the 1.06 billion people across the world, deprived of it. We understand the consumption requirements of an average family and want to ensure that every household has access to clean energy, sustainable energy and the basic necessities of energy management. 

With every product sold, every life impact, every project undertaken and every sustainable energy goal met, Schneider electric is revolutionizing energy management and automation digital solutions worldwide. We want to make the lives of people better by providing access to energy and empowering people with the awareness of sustainable development.

Estorewale is an official retailer and service provider of Schneider Electric goods in India. This featured article is to express the magnitude of the expertise that Schneider Electric has inculcated through powerful energy solutions. 

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